There Are Other Ways To Treat Cancer Which Work

Cancer, no matter where it appears within the body is only one disease and all cancers have common causes. The reasons why it appears are because of our unnatural lifestyle; especially our diet which has allowed our immune system to stop working effectively and this has allowed cancer cells to flourish. Common sense should tell you that the top priority is to strengthen this very important system so it can remove these foreign cells naturally.

We have all been brainwashed into believing that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the only way to treat cancer as we are all educated about it from newspapers, the television and doctors. It’s because the people who profit from the treatments control the industry. Unfortunately anything to do with cancer is money orientated and this is why we only have treatments that seldom solve the problem.

There is little point in just removing cancer growths because it will only reappear again in some other area if you haven’t corrected the reasons why it appeared in the first place. If it returns it will then be secondary cancer which is far more serious because it’s secondary cancer that kills people. What needs to be done is to find the reasons why it first appeared and remove those reasons. That means making serious lifestyle changes to allow the body to fight the cancer naturally.

It is not difficult to learn about cancer. The way to overcome it is to understand what has caused it so then you will understand the changes that are necessary. The body itself can remove the cancer if you go about it the right way and you don’t need a doctor to help you with that. Our medical care system has been keeping us ignorant about the disease and that keeps people from thinking that they could help themselves.

The reason why there is so much cancer now in western developed countries is because of the way we are living. It has changed over the last 50 to 60 years and of course the increase of cancer has paralleled this change. Most of the blame on the increase is because of the discovery of electricity and especially crude oil which has allowed us to lead a more sedentary lifestyle. We don’t get the exercise we use to which is part of the problem and more importantly the food we are now eating has changed as most of us are eating processed food.

You don’t need to become a recluse and live in the bush to overcome cancer but you do need to change the food you eat to foods that are fresh or more natural. Our health is directly related to the food we eat. The human body also needs some exercise because the immune system needs exercise to function properly. It can’t function properly without it. Also we are all using chemicals, many of them unwittingly and we don’t realise the harm they are causing us.

There is no quick and easy way to overcome cancer and there is certainly no magic cure but there is a way. You need to educate yourself about the factors that have caused it and make some serious lifestyle changes. They do work and of course no one can profit from the changes you make, unlike the treatments that mainstream medicine use.

Cancer Prevention Tips

There are many reports that have been introduced regarding cancer prevention. Cancer is still undergoing extensive research and there are no clear cut lines on how to prevent the disease. However, there are certain lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of developing cancer. This is because they tend to boost immune system and make you healthy overall. Below are some simple lifestyle changes that you can incorporate to help prevent cancer.

First, avoid using tobacco products. Tobacco will increase your risk of developing different types of cancer such as lung, bladder and kidney cancer. When you chew tobacco, you are increasing the risk of getting pancreatic cancer or cancer of the oral cavity. Remember that expose to second hand tobacco smoke can also put you at risk. You need to seek help if you are willing to quit tobacco but you cannot on your own. There are a number of products in the market which can help you to stop tobacco dependency.

Secondly, incorporate the right foods in your diet. You need to take plenty of fruits and vegetables. Foods from plant sources will improve liver function and boost your immunity. Avoid high fat foods because it enhances the risk of obesity which is known to increase the risk of cancer. Avoid drinking excessive alcohol because it may cause liver cancer.

Thirdly, remain physically active and you will reduce the risk of cancer. Cancer prevention and physical activity have been linked by many researchers. Ideally, you should engage in 30 minutes of activity every day. You can combine vigorous activities and moderate activities. If you are able to exercise more than 30 minutes a day, it will help you increase immune system even more.

You also need to protect yourself from harsh sunlight which is likely to cause skin cancer. The sun rays are the strongest between 10am and 4pm so you should try and stay in the shade during these hours. Wear clothes that cover your skin and opt for dark or bright colors which reflect UV rays as opposed to bleached cotton clothes. Always put on your sun screen and avoid tanning beds and sunlamps.

You also need to protect yourself by avoiding risky behaviors. People who have conditions like HIV and AIDS are likely to experience cancer of the anus, lung and liver. HIV tends to suppress your immune system so you are more prone to infections. You should boost immune system by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying away from irresponsible behaviors which will put you at risk of acquiring HPV and HIV virus.

Lastly, it is always important to take your medical checkups very seriously. Getting proper medical care will help in cancer prevention. The physician will perform the right tests whenever you encounter an illness so that the cancer is detected early enough. Visit the doctor whenever you have a body issue, don’t ignore it or treat it on your own using over the counter medication. All these tips will help to increase immune system and prevent cancer.

Telomeres and Cancer, New Cancer Treatments

The comparison between the different types of cancerous tissues with the normal with regard to genomic instability, shortening of the telomere and the expression status of telomerase indicates that the telomere problem is intricately associated with malignancy. It has become so significant in the cancer etiology studies that the measure of the length of telomere has been used as one of the routinely used biomarkers to understand the telomere dysfunctioning and the associated risk of cancer. There are enough evidences available to implicate the telomere length with cancer and hence it can be targeted for successful therapeutic approaches.

Pre-existing knowledge

There are available literatures to suggest that the telomere shortening and telomerase absence share a direct correlationship with increased cell divisions and as a result the cells senesce with a fixed number of multiplications. It has been suggested that crossing a threshold limit of shortened telomere length results in telomere repeat loss which is regarded as DNA damage cue and hence the decision to withdraw from cell cycle and resultant apoptosis. Accordingly, the role of the telomeres has been implicated to that of a biological clock determining the multiplicative lifespan of the cells. The study by the group of Bodnar further confirmed this theory when they introduced telomerase catalytic units into human fibroblasts lacking in telomerase and found elongation of the telomeres with an enhanced ability to replicate. The imposed restriction of cell cycle in these cells is maintained primarily by the tumor suppressors Rb and p53 which recognizes the DNA damage and halts its progression. It has been found that the cells transformed with viral agents like E1 or SV40T could bypass such regulation and undergo additional cycles of division although not indefinitely. Besides, the telomeres have been found to be active both in the germ line and stem cells but that in the somatic cells it isn’t so.

Cancer diagnostics based on telomeres

Telomeres have now found its way into the field of cancer prediction and diagnostics. Recent advances in the field have made them more efficient and precise tools for use in that purpose. In a very recent work, it was proposed that repeats of single stranded DNA molecules C circles that constitute the telomeres can be highly significant in cancer prediction. It was found that higher positive C circles were observed in ALT positive human cells. The formation of diagnostic tools based on telomerases is likely to be more in use in the future.

Association between telomerase activity and cancer cases

Biopsies of 12 different types of human cancers demonstrated the existence of telomerase activity. Clinical data from patients with metastatic or primary cases of cancer indicates a dormant stage before an aggressive progression towards metastatic growth. Some studies have implicated the activity of telomerase with cancer dormancy. Recently, it was found that 73% of lung carcinoma patients (stages III and IV) and 72% of colon cancer patients have active telomerase by Gauthier and his colleagues. Stage IV breast cancer patients revealed similar results. Therefore, telomerase activity detection is a good indicator of cancer progression. While the telomerase-/- cells provides valuable insights into the stage of cancer dormancy, the positive cells can be useful in the prediction of the recurrence of the disease. On a more generalized form it has now been accepted that the shortening of the telomere limits the life of the normal cells and the telomerase activity can overcome this imposition of replicative restriction and make them immortalized. It becomes imperative to study the underlying mechanisms of the regulation of telomerase in order to target them in cancer cases.

Telomerase activation and cancer

Telomerase has become a hot target for cancer related therapeutic interventions considering the fact that it is expressed only poorly in normal cells while is required at an enhanced levels for the maintenance of telomeres for rapid cell proliferation that is associated with cancer progression.

However, with these pieces of evidences there may be high apprehensions regarding the use of telomerase activity enhancing supplements with respect to the increase in chances of cancer. The regulatory mechanism of telomerase activity is still very paltry to suggest a one-on-one relationship between cancer progression and the need of telomerase activity. Reports are also now accumulating for anti-aging related telomerase activity increment without increasing the cancer chances. According to a very recent report published in the EMBO Molecular Medicine, a group of researchers from Spain demonstrated that telomerase can be manipulated to increase longevity without the risk of cancer. There are also other arguments that favor the safe and effective use of telomerase activators. Scientists are of the opinion that although telomerase is needed for the maintenance of the rapid growth and proliferation of cancers, it has often been found to be mutated in a plethora of human cancers which are arguably more aggressive than the rest. Therefore, there needs to be valid comparison of the roles of the mutated and normal telomerase activity from the viewpoint of cancer regulation. There are also suggestions that the telomerase in the first place would try to maintain a healthy DNA away from damage that is not susceptible to cancer. Researchers are of the opinion that infact the activation of telomerase can be used to prevent cancer. Therefore, the active use of telomerase stimulators is quite valid and worth a try given the promise it holds in the rejuvenation of youth and the alleviation of a number of age and non-age related disorders in humans.